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Why Subscribing Matters!

Hello there, Lurkers! I see you, I’ve been you, and I am here to tell you why it’s important to subscribe to people you support. First off, how many junk emails a year do you get from people you don’t know, don’t like, and don’t care one iota for? A lot, right? What do you do with those emails? I’d bet that you simply get rid of them. There is no reason you can’t do that with a subscribed email from someone you actually support. And hey, if they put out something that pikes your interest, it’s there.

I’m not saying I won’t be putting out useful content, I certainly hope I do, but the minor act of putting your email in the subscription box is a slight inconvenience on your part while it helps me a lot. How you ask? Let me tell you!

1) Once I finish my novel, I will send it out to agents. Now pretend for a moment you are an agent and you get two query letters. One has a writer who already has a hundred subscribers, and the other hasn’t even thought about an author platform... who are you more likely to take a chance on? Yup, the one who proves they have readers already.

2) The more subscribers a website or YouTube channel has, the more important google thinks it is. This makes it easier to get noticed by more people who might be interested in the content!

3) Subscribers attract advertisers. And while I would love to support myself with my vast fortune... unfortunately I’ve yet to find that moola lying around.

So here I am, trying to ask for your help. An email can really boost me to where I want to go, even if it is a junk one... so why not? Please and thank you!

P.S. As a reward for sitting through my pitch, I shall share an embarrassing picture of me geeking out at Hampton Court in England!

P.S.S. The first picture I was looking for was even more epic. You will have to imagine young Heidi holding a half eaten apple, with giant headphones on, and giving the thumbs up in between people dressed up like Henry VIII and Thomas Moore. Alas, I couldn’t find it, and I am more than a little bit distraught about it! So here is me smelling imaginary medieval stew. Kinda a let down.

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