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Ah, Google, how I love thee!

So, I am new to this whole website design gig. I was struggling to figure out how to run my Allies and Mentors and Read to Write sections of the website when Google saved my life, yet again.

I needed a way for people to communicate, share things, and meet, but I felt like this would take a long time to work out. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to those sections for a long time.... but then I find out that Google has made Google Classroom available to business accounts.

As you know, I am a teacher. Not only that, but I taught in the infamous spring shut down of 2020, and the technological nightmare of 2020-2021. Google Classroom and myself, well lets just say we are very well acquainted. So good news for everyone is that I will get those parts of Breaking Industry up and running a lot sooner than I thought!

Sighing with happiness. Thanks, Goo, Goo. This is almost as great of a discovery as finding out you can still play the Google 2018 Halloween Game. Oh yeah, that’s a thing. You’re welcome.

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